Oatley West's local soccer club

How to Register on the FFA Site

Creating a New FFA Account or retrieving an existing FFA Account

Go to My Football Club and click on the Register Now link at the top of the page.

Scroll to be bottom of the page and click on the [Player Registration] button.

If you are a new player (or have not played at any soccer club in the last 5 years), follow the prompts to create a new FFA account.

If you are an existing player (or have played at any soccer club in the last 5 years), follow the prompts to find your existing FFA account number.

If you can find your FFA account number, click on your name and proceed to the login screen. You will need to generate a password using your email address. If you need to update your email address (because it does not match the email address previously recorded by the FFA), please contact the My Football Club helpdesk on (02) 8020 4199 (available 12pm – 9pm AEST Monday to Friday) or email myfootballclub@footballaustralia.com.au to update your email and log into the system.

If you can’t find your FFA number, don’t panic! Follow the links to create a new FFA account. This will allow you to generate a new FFA Account number and password. These details will be emailed to you immediately and you will be able to login from there.

Selecting Our Club

Under the Members section, click on the Register Now button (located under the 'Add New Registration' column heading).

Update your personal details before clicking the [Proceed with Registration] button (located at the bottom of the page).

Enter the following details:

  • Type in our Club name, which is “All Saints Oatley West” (this will auto-fill for existing players).
  • Under Select Role: choose 'Player'.
  • Select the appropriate registration package for you.

Families with two or more junior players registering are eligible for discounts on registration fees (please contact us on registration day if your family has three or more junior players registering).

Click Add and Next to continue.

Read and acknowledge all 'Terms and Conditions' and then click Next.

Click Invoice Me. You will be sent an invoice via email. You will need to print this invoice and bring it to a registration day in order to complete your registration.