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Senior Presentation Day

The Senior Presentation s at Mortdale RSL on Friday 22nd September (Friday week) at 7pm. 

Cost of the ticket is $40 per head. However if teams can reach a target attendance figure for their team, the cost per head will reduce to $30 for that team. 

The target is 15 people for single teams and 30 people for the P/L Squad. 

 The cost of the ticket will cover the meal (buffet), musical entertainment and free drinks for a period of time. 

As previously mentioned, if any teams have novelty awards they want to present, let Alan Comrie know asap (commers311@gmail.com) and they can be scheduled in on the night. 

Please advise your players of the above detail and if you can give Alan commers311@gmail.com some idea of your numbers this weekend it would be appreciated.

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